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Welcome to the future of telemedicine!

We build the next level of remote medical consultation


Mobile App

MedKitDoc is known from

Our Approach

By combining our MedKitDoc app, trained specialists and our MedKit with certified medical devices, we are creating a completely new way to provide remote medical care.    

Mobile MedKitDoc App

Unsere App ermöglicht Ihnen eine schnelle Terminvereinbarung und transparente Dokumentation von Arztbriefen inklusive Gesundheitsdaten

Geschulte Fachärzte

Unsere Fachärzte sind alle speziell auf Ferndiagnosen mit dem MedKit geschult

Das MedKit

Unser MedKit beinhaltet zertifizierte Medizingeräte, die sich automatisch während der Behandlung per Bluetooth mit der MedKitDoc App verbinden

Get to know the app functions, the individual medical devices and their diagnostic possibilities in more detail.

Our Customers


Do you want to drive digitization in the German health care system? We would like to support you in building a digital offering for your patients.

Care Providers

We support various care providers, such as inpatient facilities, outpatient care services or residential communities in intensive care, by providing our platform for better medical support.

What our Customers Say

Feel free to contact us via our cntact form 

Welcome to your Training Resources

Welcome to MedkitDoc. You have successfully entered the truing resource page. You will have access to video, checklist, documentation needed to get you on your way.