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Digitizing Doctor Appointments

Delivering Healthcare
to Patients' Homes

MedKitDoc revolutionizes telemedicine: going beyond a mere video call, medical professionals can examine patients using certified medical devices.

MedKit's Medical Devices:

Mobile App

The digital

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MedKitDoc represents the next level of remote medical consultations by combining a mobile telemedicine app with certified medical devices

By leveraging specially trained physicians and real-time transfer of health data such as lung and heart auscultation sounds, pulse, blood pressure, or temperature from connected medical devices, we can almost double the capabilities of telemedicine compared to just video chat.

A digital health service at the highest level possible

Quality from Germany: data storage & medical specialists in Germany

Health counseling as good as on-site specialist appointments

The digital doctor appointment in 3 easy steps


#1: Order the MedKit

Simply order the MedKit online as a patient, relative, or company and register within our mobile app.


#2: Online Appointment

Easily schedule an appointment with specialized physicians and talk to them using our mobile app.

#3: Doctor's Letter

Conveniently receive your doctor’s letter via our app and submit the invoice to your insurance.

We transition healthcare from doctor's offices to patients' homes

The MedKitDoc advantages for patients & doctors

A Variety of Options for Diagnosis & Treatments

The medical devices used by MedKitDoc have been tested rigorously and are especially suited for remote consultations.

Lower Infection Risks as Compared to Local Visits

No physical contact with other patients – conveniently speak with specialized physicians from your home or wherever you are.

Flexibility & Time Gains by Location-Independence

MedKitDoc enables always-available and location-independent medical consultations of patients.

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MedKitDoc connects doctors with patients

Patients: Consultations From Home

Simple & Worry-Free Appointment Scheduling
You have the choice: schedule an appointment as soon as possible or tell us a time period that works best for you – no waiting time on the phone.
Secure & Confidential Video Consultations with Your Doctor
Every video-call is end-to-end encrypted to ensure the confidentiality of the data and information you share with your doctor or medical specialist.
Variety of Options for Diagnosis and Treatment
MedKitDoc allows to digitize a broad variety of medical consultations while providing doctor's letters, prescriptions or sick notes directly in the app.

We provide individual solutions for:

We are happy to answer your questions and send you further information.

Advancing medical video telephony

Doctors: Better Remote Consultations

Digital Management of Appointments & Patients
Stay in contact with your patients via our MedKitDoc platform and conveniently manage appointments and your patients' data.
Home Office for Doctors: Location-Independent Work
Remote consultations, diagnosis, and referral of your patients in combination with an easy tool to create your doctor's letter during the video call.
Remote Consultations with Medical Devices
Measure important vital parameters of your patients via our medical devices which seamlessly connect to the patient's phone via bluetooth.

We work with the best partners in the industry

Trusted partners as well as happy patients & doctors

With MedKitDoc, I can detect heart murmurs of my patients over a distance of several thousand kilometers and directly decide on further treatment options and next steps. Without MedKitDoc, that would not be possible!
Dr. med. Benjamin Gutermann
Specialized Physician in Germany

MedKitDoc’s invoices are based on the German fees regulation for doctors (GOÄ). That means you can submit the invoices at your private health insurance.

At MedKitDoc, we put a maximum of emphasis on data security. All data is stored in an encrypted format on our servers in Frankfurt and every video call is encoded end-to-end.

All of our devices are officially certified as reliable and safe. Also, our app has been developed under full compliance of regulatory requirements.


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